Process and Progress

April 8 - April 9, 2016

Reception: April 8, 7PM

Process and Progress

Graffiti has been around for as long as humans have had the ability to communicate through writing. For instance, the volcanic eruption that destroyed the Roman city of Pompeii preserved all kinds of wall scribbling, from political slogans to hilariously crude jokes

During the past half-century or so, the perception of graffiti has changed. What was once considered a public nuisance is now a full-fledged global art phenomenon, both commercially and critically. Graffiti is arguably, in terms of participation and viewership, the most influential and vibrant force in the art world today.

As a (relatively speaking) young art form, graffiti is subject to constant reinvention and reinterpretation. The Process and Progress  exhibition brings together a selection of artists from around the globe whose stylistic innovations have helped to push the medium forward.

Process and Progress  features not only the finished work of these artists, but also the diverse scope of influences that inform it. Cultural inspiration and source material including record artwork, comic books, vintage paint samples and New York City transit ephemera are displayed; in addition to preliminary sketches – all providing a fascinating insight into an often misunderstood art form, from inception to the realization of the completed works.

To accompany the NYC opening of the Process and Progress  exhibition, a full-color 60-page zine will be printed in an edition of 150 showcasing both displayed and non-displayed work from each participating artist. Zine content will range from unpublished archive photos to shots of color and visual inspiration, in addition to letter work and custom type. 50 copies of the 150 printed will be signed by Process and Progress  curators KEMS and SP.ONE, and each of these 50 signed copies will come in a limited Carhartt WIP x Process & Progress  screen-printed tote bag – available only at opening night of Apr 8th.

Opening Reception – Friday, Apr 8th  @ 7pm w/ beverages provided by Sierra Nevada
Foley Gallery – 59 Orchard St., NY, NY 10002
On View until end of Saturday, Apr 9th  (gallery hours: 11am-6pm)