Delicate Creatures

June 17 - July 26, 2015

Reception: June 17, 6-8pm

Delicate Creatures

Foley Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of Delicate Creatures, a gathering of fine, fragile and sensitively created works by artists Peter Callesen, Lauren Henkin, Seth Koen, Christian Maychack, Morgan O’Hara, Abigail Reynolds, Kate Russo and Simon Schubert.

Delicate Creatures showcases the works of eight contemporary artists connected by the thread of the delicate nature of their material, application and object-presence. Together, these works occupy a sublime two- and three-dimensional space, touching both painting and sculpture.

Peter Callesen’s paper cut sculptures are meticulously shaped and folded from a single sheet of A4. Daydreams of mortality, peril and escape come forth from the page. Similarly, Simon Schubert creates architectural space, often creating the false perception of light, by folding and creasing a single sheet of paper.

Christian Maychack’s work provokes a relationship between painting and sculpture. Surface becomes a place, the point at which physical, sculptural, abstract, and pictorial interests intersect; Maychack’s addition of color connects them all.  Abigail Reynolds appropriates, splices, and layers photographs and illustrations of famous monuments to span time and our experience within it.

Kate Russo’s work considers the ability of color and pattern repetition to tell a story – to create a setting, an atmosphere and dialogue within each work. Using gridded lines of graph paper as her template, she makes repetitive markings with colored pencil, expressing the relationship between color and obsession, personality and memory. Seth Koen’s whimsical sculptures are bound by the limits of physicality, especially gravity – his exploration of this and subsequent problem solving.

Lauren Henkin’s new paintings explore the beauty of simplicity with delicate brush strokes and muted colors. Finally, Morgan O’Hara’s work observes and renders visible aspects of the experience of living through her performative drawing. She will have a site-specific installation in the storefront window.

Delicate Creatures will remain on view through July 26. Foley Gallery is open Wednesday – Sunday, 12 – 6pm.  To request images, please contact the gallery at 212.244.9081 or