Alexandre Orion


Alexandre Orion bases his urban street art from the  “pichaçao” (from niche, meaning tar) mark making aesthetic to search for greater artistic meaning within the cultural disparity in the Brazilian metropolis of Sao Paulo. Traditional pichaçao is a kind of shout for visibility, with no ambitions of being art; it is an attempt to protest against the frustrations that many Brazilians live as a third world culture. Through photography and black aerosol can, Orion addresses the issues of Brazilian urban culture and living, with senses of horror, comedy, curiosity and social and environmental awareness. His contemporary means of urban intervention turns the day-to-day life of passers-by into moments of unsuspecting joy, anguish, elation and danger. In Metabiotics, his stenciled graffiti acts as a backdrop for a much larger conceptual ploy, as everyday people unknowingly interact with his animations and create a well-devised scene. Reality meets fantasy in his creations; an ominous, ghoulish graffiti image interacts with a running child, and a man checks out the presence of a voluptuous woman.  However, Orion takes a different approach in Spoil, a socially conscious project concerning road tunnels and pollution. By selectively removing the layers of car exhaust on the sidewalls of road tunnels, Orion is able to turn the pollution into paint and create artwork of skulls. These fatal but alluring images reminds us that what we do to the earth directly affects our well being. 

Solo Exhibitions 

2009                Bogotá. photo Bogota

2008                Rio de Janeiro. Cultural BOX

2008                Curitiba. Cultural BOX

2008                Buenos Aires. The Auditorium Bs

2006                Miami. Miami Photo

2006                Rotterdam. Centrum Beeldende Kunst

2006                New York. Foley Gallery

2006                Brasilia. Caixa Cultural

2006                San Francisco. 111 Minna Gallery

2005                Paris. Galerie Sparts

2004                Sao Paulo. Pinacoteca do Estado

1997                Sao Paulo. Mambo Bazaar

1995                Sao Paulo. Collection of Afro-Brazilian Living



Swept Away: Dust

02.2012. New York. MAD Museum

Urban Interstices

08.2011. Mexico City. Centro Cultural de España

Street Text

10.2010. Albuquerque USA. 516 Arts


04.2010. London. Holster Projects

Ne dans la Rue

07.2009 Paris. Fondation Cartier 

The Conquest of Space

07.2007. Sao Paulo. SESC Pinheiros

Great Small Works

06.2007. Sao Paulo. SESC Santana


05.2007. Sao Paulo. Central Gallery

Some Scraps

04.2007. Sao Paulo. Gallery Calligraphia

Out of Body

04.2007. New York. Lobby Gallery at Deutsche Bank New York

Contemporary Itau

03.2007. Sao Paulo. Itau Cultural

Center SP

12.2006. Sao Paulo. Gallery Calligraphia

Art in Metropolis

11.2006. Brasillia. Caixa Cultural

Collective Stella Isaac

08.2006. Goiânia. Isaac Stella Contemporary Art

Art in Metropolis

07.2006. Rio de Janeiro. Cultural Center Of Post

Scope New York

03.2006. New York. Scope Art

VI Cultural Market

12.2005. Salvador. Caixa Cultural

Great Small Works

05.2005. Sao Paulo. Pinacoteca Municipal Atibaia 

Graffiti in the 21st Century: Trajectories and Perspectives

03.2005. Sao Paulo. Educational Action 

Mutation City

11.2004. Sao Paulo. SESC

Tangram 8th Shows Photography

10.2004. Sao Paulo. Tangram

Porto Seguro Award Exhibition of Photography 2004

09.2004. Sao Paulo. Area Safe Harbor Camera

SP: 450 Points of View

09.2004. Sao Paulo. Caixa Cultural

People Project of St. Paul

09.2004. Sao Paulo. Gallery Olido

Project Fine Thing

08.2004. Sao Paulo. Galeria Ouro Fino

SP: 450 Points of View

07.2004. Sao Paulo. Clinicas Metro Station

Heart Cars

06.2004. Sao Paulo. New Andrew Gallery (auction in aid of the Cancer Hospital of Sao Paulo)

The Look Photo of the Artist About Sao Paulo

05.2004. Sao Paulo. The Hebrew

Passport Brazil

05.2004. Sao Paulo. The Hebrew

The Look Photo of the Artist About Sao Paulo

03.2004. Sao Paulo. Photo Gallery of Cine Club Girl Scouts

A Journey of 450 Years

01.2004. Sao Paulo. SESC Pompeii



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